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For Channeled Messages From the Heart of Mother Earth, Subscribe to my YouTube channel

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Join me Regularly!

Sometimes we forget that we are spirits having a human experience, that we were connected to a bigger consciousness that has all the answers for us. To hear a bit more about guidance from spirit, subscribe to my YouTube channel or find me on social.

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Join me virtually on a shamanic trip to the andes: A journey of Awakening

In May of 2021, I journeyed back to my ancestral roots, to the magic of the Andes to work with Shamans and the ancient, wise spirits of the land.

We took a film crew to document the whole journey so you could come along with us and the wisdom of these spirits could be shared with the entire world.

I invite you to join our Journey to the Heart Facebook group where i'll be sharing about this life altering journey there.

Want to get started right Now?

Start with this free exercise to help you call on the energies of the sun and moon to feel more balanced and happy throughout your day!

This exercise will teach you how to balance the masculine and feminine within you throughout your day by helping you learn to connect to, recharge and fill up on the natural forces of the sun and moon in order to avoid overwhelm and burn out by the end of your day.

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