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On the Ancient Wisdom and Spirituality of the Andes: The Everlasting Wisdom of Pachacutec (Part 2)

It's 4:30 in the morning. I've been tossing and turning for the last half hour. My third chakra, which is the center of my personal power, has been on fire. It has so much to say, I have to get up early and put it on paper. I keep thinking about all the experiences I had on my last trip to Peru. Perhaps one of the most important ones to me is the one I had in Sacsayhuaman.

The magnificent fortress of Sacsayhuaman is built overlooking the city of Cuzco to the southeast. It is an impressive fortress made of stones, each one of them built to fit each other without mortar. Perhaps, this is one of my favorite places to visit in the world, I can't avoid being impressed by its unique construction. We arrived there midmorning. Our wonderful guide Julian leads us through a meditation. He pulls out a bag of coca leaves and makes us pick up four. "Put them, into a quintu (“kin-too")”, a group of four overlapped leaves, he says "and blow your intentions into it. Pay attention to what this place tells you." I blow my intention into the sacred leaves and I start chewing them. I closed my eyes in meditation and I'm surprised immensely by the vision I get.

hand holding a leaf with machu pitchu in the background

In the middle of a huge open field, a man dressed in dark red robes holding a golden staff comes towards me. He wears a golden headpiece and jewelry on his wrists. He is determined on his step. I share this vision with my companions, and they smile at me, they also see him in their minds. My ego gets in my way, of all the years as an intuitive psychic, I've never seen an image like this, I guess it was too obvious. I ask Julian if people usually see this character, and he says yes. "Who is it?" I ask, he says "it's the Inca Pachacutec" ("Pach-ah-kootek"). I know immediately he's right. This man that appears to us is powerful, I can tell. Pachacutec is known as the "earth shaker" Inca. He transformed his dominion to a vast empire, he was a powerful ruler, no wonder he is still here watching over his kingdom. I decide to close my eyes and listen to what he has to share. He isn't happy. If I can use one word to describe how he feels it would be disappointed. He is disappointed with the condition of his empire, and by extension, he is disappointed with the condition of the world. He says, "This is not how things should be done, so many mistakes and so many repercussions on Pachamama", Mother Earth.

bronze statue

I keep listening and again my ego gets in the way. I tell him, "why are you telling me this, I'm just a simple woman, who hasn't lived in this land for over twenty years, I'm barely returning. I have no power. I'm not Inca Pachacutec, who is going to listen to me? He presses on, “be a catalyst for change." I feel him saying.

I go back to the hotel and think about what he said. The last thing I'd imagine was that an old ruler was going to complain to me about his environmental agenda and his anti-corruption campaign. Here comes my ego again. But it's true, I can't help to agree with him, I've seen it, and he's right.

I think of all the places I visited around the world, I think of the country I live in, the United States. A great powerful, almost immaculate clean country in comparison to the rest of the world. I think of how so many good-hearted politicians have fought to keep the country free of pollution. "Not in my backyard" I heard them saying, but I now know It's not enough. "Out of sight, out of mind" doesn't work anymore. Because we haven't changed our ways, because even though we are not polluting in our backyard we are actually sending our products to be made somewhere else, across the sea, where we have no power over how it's made, where we have no influence over environmental laws and regulations.

The seasoned traveler knows what I'm talking about. If you make your way by plane from India or China and fly west, you probably will fly through a layer of pollution that is miles wide, and miles deep, you can't see the end, and it's just getting bigger and deeper.

If you have visited the North Pole or Alaska over the years you would've seen glaciers disappear, to never come back and that's a fact, I have the photographs to prove it.

If you live in Florida, are you prepared for the next Hurricane, or for your back patio to sink into the sea? Let's not forget the terrible fires in California we had recently and the incredible pain and loss of lives.

I know that Inca Pachacutec wasn't talking about China or India, or Florida that morning. He was talking about the pain of Mother Earth, he was talking about the polluted rivers of South America that are poisoning our population, the change in weather patterns, the disasters we are experiencing more and more often. He was talking about greed, and ambition, he knows them well. He would've never built a vast empire if he didn't have some, but there is the wrong way and then there is the right way to go about it. We can be successful and thrive and bring our community along with us, just like Inca Pachacutec did.

Without any political agenda and with an immense love for Mother Earth, a humble woman is sharing this with you because you can also be that catalyst for change. It is not the politicians that are going to save us, it is us, that with every decision we make, with every example we give our children, we can make a difference. I'm not telling which way to do it, or how to do it. I just would like you to be aware and do whatever you can, according to your own beliefs to make a change for the better.

However, there are some fundamental beliefs that can help us make that change. We can choose to put conscience over greed, reason over pride, community over self. Because whatever our backgrounds are, or whatever our political views are, we all want to take care of our planet. We all want our children to inherit a better land and to be safe, and that is what can make us all, catalysts for change.


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