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Sunset Over Trees


a tool to make meditation easy and approachable

"Lessons from a Tree"  tells the story of a young woman trying to find herself in the middle of her chaotic life.  Sam represents you, the reader, and your young, everlasting spirit, no matter how old you are. Sam is trying to figure out a way to quiet the noise around her so she can finally hear herself. Sam represents all of us trying to find our way in the world.

"Lessons from a Tree" is the revised and improved version of "Sam and the Giant Tree," now published under the name of Fabiola Baughman. It includes journaling and reflection chapters as well as access to audio recordings.

"Lessons from a tree" coming soon


Sam is a very special girl with strong psychic abilities which she has learned to ignore in order to “fit in.” One day, while searching for clarity of mind, she rides her bike into a forest, where she encounters a mystical tree, Taru, with whom she can communicate, and she starts a very rewarding friendship. Over a period of several weeks, Taru leads Sam into one meditation technique at a time, to help her reclaim her voice and find her path in life. This beautiful picture book includes nature photography and website access to meditations that can lead you into a very personal journey of self-discovery. 

Sam and the Giant Tree is available today from or Barnes and Noble.

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