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"Nature is our greatest teacher."

Hi, i'm fabiola baughman.  I am a professional intuitive counselor, clairvoyant, and energy healer.

I consider myself a shaman who can help people find the magic within themselves.  I believe all the spiritual information we need is within us.  Meditation is the best tool to access it; nature is the schoolroom, and spirit is the teacher.

Since I was a little kid, I loved to be out in nature. I always had a special connection with the trees, the mountains, and the water. I did not know that their influence was going to get even stronger as time went by. Without knowing my true path, I decided to learn about mother nature in a very intellectual way. I became a biologist with an advanced degree, but I always felt there was something else missing.

I decided to take a break from my career and focus on taking care of my family, and that's when I discovered the incredible power of meditation and spiritual abilities. Through much training and practice, I became aware and open to the spiritual realm and established clear communication. I realized nature was the best place to learn anything related to spirit.


Furthermore, by immersing myself in the shamanic culture of my native Peru, I realized everything in nature was alive.  I had an extended family, the nature spirits, the Andean spirits, also known as Apus, and the spirits of my ancestors that were willing to guide me and teach me spiritual tools to help people heal and find their path in life. 

This website is the place where I'm sharing all of the knowledge that I have acquired. I'm so excited to start working with you!

Want to get started right Now?

Start with this free exercise to help you call on the energies of the sun and moon to feel more balanced and happy throughout your day!

This exercise will teach you how to balance the masculine and feminine within you throughout your day by helping you learn to connect to, recharge and fill up on the natural forces of the sun and moon in order to avoid overwhelm and burn out by the end of your day.

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