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What are you getting with this package?

-Initial assessment through a spiritual reading

An illumination, which is a powerful shamanic technique that cleans up your auric fiel deeply and effectively of energetic blockages you are ready to release.

_Personalized healing meditation

- Support to start a daily spiritual practice

Sessions are $225, the session will last up to 2 hrs.

-While booking you will automatically schedule a session online. .Email me directly if you would like to be seen in person at

Want to get started right Now?

Start with this free exercise to help you call on the energies of the sun and moon to feel more balanced and happy throughout your day!

This exercise will teach you how to balance the masculine and feminine within you throughout your day by helping you learn to connect to, recharge and fill up on the natural forces of the sun and moon in order to avoid overwhelm and burn out by the end of your day.

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