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There are three main stages to opening up to the wisdom and power nature offers us. 

Each of these classes is designed to build upon the other and create a gentle, yet powerful path to connecting with your soul and the messages nature is communicating to you.

Through my courses, I take you through a series of practices and initiations designed to help you open, clarify, perceive and activate your centers in a way that the ancients have taught for centuries.

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Establishing the flow of Energy through Meditation


This class includes guided meditations to improve your grounding and to reestablish the natural flow of energy in your body.

It is a first step into reconnecting with source.

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Activating the 3rd Eye

With a strong foundation acquired in the energy mediation class, we are ready to develop the perceptive abilities of our third eye which is our psychic center neglected by our modern lifestyles.


This chakra enables us to tap into the energy of ourselves and other people. In this way, we can p ourselves and others to heal from wounds from this life and past lives.

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And finally, we must activate our heart to ensure we perceive these messages through the highest vibration possible, unadulterated by the confines of the ego.


I do this process through the initiations of the Munay Ki rites.


These traditions have been given to the world by the Q’ero people in South America to help humanity move forward and create a new world where love, respect for nature, and the integration of the male and female at the heart level, will be the ruling forces.

Activating the Heart

Want to get started right Now?

Start with this free exercise to help you call on the energies of the sun and moon to feel more balanced and happy throughout your day!

This exercise will teach you how to balance the masculine and feminine within you throughout your day by helping you learn to connect to, recharge and fill up on the natural forces of the sun and moon in order to avoid overwhelm and burn out by the end of your day.

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