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What are you getting with this service?


Watch this short video of Fabiola explaining the benefits of this package and how to start your journey. 

What are you getting with this package?

- Assessment
- Sound healing session chosen based on the client’s needs


- Bowl therapy 30 min
- Relaxation Therapy 30 min
- Chakra balancing 30 min
- Serenity protocol 30 min
- Warm water therapy 1hr
- Clearing chakras 1hr
- Emotional release 1hr
- Deep relaxation 1hr

Benefits of sound healing with Himalayan Singing bowls:
- Aids meditation
- Relieves pain from stress related conditions.
- Helps blood pressure
- Can heal effects of chemotherapy.
- Helps chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.
- Helps insomnia.
- Aids deep relaxation
- Reduces pain and discomfort of fibromyalgia.
- Increases vitality and energy.
- Helps ADHD

While booking, you will have the option to choose the location for your sessions. However, please note that the sound healing session can only be conducted in person, at Fabiola's Office.

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