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Large mountains and forest surround a still lake

By connecting with nature on deeper levels, life becomes easy and joyful, because we have finally returned home.

I'm Fabiola.

I am an interpreter for the natural world. The rivers, the rocks, the mountains, the animals... they all have messages to guide humanity, and my role is to bring their wisdom to you.

I consider myself a shaman at heart, who can help other people find the magic within themselves and bring it forward into their daily lives.

I have learned many of my skills from different cultures, especially the shamans in South America. They have taught me to work with the integration of the male and female energy at the heart level.

Fabiola Baughman wearing red poncho smiling in a forest

Download my free meditation to learn how to call on the energies of the sun and moon to feel more balanced and happy throughout your day!

How we can work together

A waterfall in a lush green jungle

Learn how to work with your chakras and shift your energy into a neutral space so you can get clear guidance and remove doubt.

what clients are sharing

"I was in a very dark place when I saw Fabiola, because of illness, long past issues, uncleared mind etc. I was very impressed to see how Fabiola started to unchain all the emotions, feelings and issues that were affecting my dark state of mind. I also was amazed at how many things I learned about myself and practices she taught me that helped with calming my mind and opening the door to recognizing intuitive messages. Fabiola has a great sense of caring and professionalism which made me feel comfortable and easy to ask questions."

—  Nora A.

Learn how to call on the energies of the sun and moon to feel more balanced and happy throughout your day!

This FREE exercise will teach you how to balance the masculine and feminine within you throughout your day by helping you learn to connect, recharge, and fill up on the natural forces of the sun and moon in order to avoid overwhelm and burn out by the end of your day.

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