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A new Place, a new vibe: matching the uniqueness of any place in the world

Traveling is such a fulfilling experience. After two years of being trapped and scared at home due to the pandemic, most people are finally starting to travel and see the world again. But I've noticed when I travel that some people have an easier time than others adapting to the new environment.

A few weeks ago, I arrived in Lima, Peru with my husband. Since it is my birthplace, I felt right at home immediately. But my husband was having a hard time. He was not feeling comfortable and was on edge. I was starting to get annoyed when I realized I needed to look at the energy of the situation.

I started looking at my husband's energy, and I realized that his vibration was wrong for the city. He is a successful entrepreneur, used to closing deals left and right with a happy-go-lucky attitude, but used to having things quite perfect. Lima is a different beast. Lima is about pleasures and patience. It's about enjoying fantastic food, good friendships, terrific drinks, and accepting chaos —something we despise in America. It can be very frustrating for someone coming from a place where everything is almost perfectly organized.

So after I realized what was going on, I told him: "you need to match the frequency of this place because right now you are resisting it, trying to change it into something that it is not." I could see immediately, almost as if a light bulb came on, that he realized that was true. He needed to match the place he was in to have a good time. I saw his face relaxing and his body feeling more at ease, almost as if melting into the air and becoming one with the damp cold air of Lima in the winter. And just like that, his resistance was gone.

We had three incredible weeks. We walked every day through all the beautiful parks, ate by the sea, and navigated the chaotic traffic like it was our second nature.

I always tell my family before a big journey, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." Don't try to change a place into what you want it to be. Instead, learn from it. Embrace its uniqueness and become one with it. You'll discover new parts of yourself you never knew existed.


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