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Grounding: Why is it so Important to Today's Youth?

Here I am teaching my fifteen-year-old son to drive. Although he's been driving four-wheelers since the age of five, he has no experience driving in traffic or in bad weather. I'm a calm person, thanks to years of meditating, but I'm terrified inside, although I don't want to show it. I can see him veering dangerously to the right every time a car passes him on the left, while my tummy gets all knotted up. Then I remember about the meditation tools he has learned: "Jerry," I say with a neutral voice, "ground yourself and ground the car, now put a protection rose on your left between you and the cars that are passing by." As soon as I say those words, I watch his whole body change, he becomes grounded and relaxed, the car starts feeling more like my living room and not so much like a death trap. His fear is gone; he is centered in the lane, safely driving at the speed limit. "Yes," I tell myself, "he's got this." A few weeks later, he is driving in the freeway, comfortably and sure of himself.

Okay, okay, I won't take all the credit; he had some experience driving as I said before. But of all my years watching people using their meditation tools, it was never more apparent to me how useful these tools are for young people as that sunny afternoon. I did mention protection roses, I will elaborate more on that subject in a future blog. But for now I want to focus on the benefits of "grounding."

Driving is one of the many instances in which grounding is important. But what about other challenges like when to say no to a dangerous invitation, or when to recognize that perhaps smoking is not as cool as seems although "everyone" is doing it. "Grounding" is connecting yourself to the planet, to the creation that you are a part of, and by doing that you recognize yourself; you recognize what you are made of. It helps you realize that there is no need to feel scattered or crazy because you are in harmony with the planet, the Universe and yourself.

the cabin of a car while a man drives heading into the sun

Illustration of a tree growing out of the side of a hill with its roots exposed

Today's youth are facing so many challenges, and I'm not talking about the traditional challenges of drugs, sex and alcohol. I'm talking challenges that come with living in a civilized society, in which we do not have healthy boundaries of behavior thanks to technology.

So next time you feel like you are about to do something crazy remember about grounding yourself, grounding the room and the situation you are in.

To learn about grounding please refer to Chapter 3 and Meditation 3 in the book and website. Happy grounding!


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