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Healing deeply: The practice of stillness

Last week I was teaching in one of my classes about that moment during meditation in which we pause between breaths and everything remains still. It's in that moment in which we are in infinity. We take time outside of ordinary time to heal. We permit ourselves to catch our breath in the middle of the chaos of life.

I often take time out of my crazy chaotic life to go to places where I can find that stillness, that peace that tells my heart, "everything is okay at this moment. You don't have to do anything. There is no fire to put out, no expectations to meet, no rush, just be." The places I go to are very remote and physically challenging but sublime. The mountains and lakes are alive and help me heal.

I found out that to truly be at peace, I don't have to go to 15,000 feet of elevation. We can find that sacred mountain within us by taking a moment every day to do just that, bring stillness to heal ourselves on purpose.

What if I told you that in that moment of stillness is where you get to talk to the real you, where you get to hear your voice and no longer have to please anyone but yourself? At that moment, miracles happen. Truth moves forward, stares you in the face, and says, "you cannot avoid me anymore."

How would your life change if you took five minutes daily to face your truth, heal, and be yourself?

My life is far from perfect, but it's full of miracles. I find peace in every challenge. I find answers in the chaos of life and make sacred mountains come to me daily. I want that for you, so please take those five minutes to find yourself every day so you can also live a life full of miracles.


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