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Love in times of war: a prayer for the Ukrainian people

What can I say? All hell broke loose. If we thought things couldn't get any worse, we were wrong. I am usually a very positive person. It's a job requirement and a perk. As a spiritual illuminator, shaman, and clairvoyant, my outlook on life has always been positive. But what the world is going through affects us all. I take time every day to channel different high vibrational spirits. Angels, Archangels, ascended masters, etc. Here is this evening's message. I always start by saying a prayer:

"Dear Angels and Archangels, dear guides, ascended masters, you know I come to you with pain in my heart as the whole Earth is now crying for her children. What can you tell us now that we are going through such difficult times of loss and despair?" As I say these words, I feel in my heart pain and sorrow, weeping. I feel in my heart the suffering of Jesus. I hear him say, "trust in your heart because even though it is going through so much pain, it has the answers that you need. Trust in your heart, dear human."

I ask, "How can I see solutions if all I feel is pain?"

"Love is the answer. Love is all you need. Send the people of Ukraine your love, support, and prayers. In love, everything is fine; everything is understood and accepted. Everything is okay.

"Are you saying that if we all send our love energy to the people of Ukraine, they will survive and save their country? I say, confused.

"Trust, believe, rejoice in the love of the world because love is the greatest thing you can do for them right now. Send your love, send your power, pray, believe, rejoice."

"How can I rejoice when there is so much suffering?"

"Remember when you were younger and went through difficult times in your life? Thanks to those difficult moments, do you realize that you are where you are, thanks to those difficult moments? That change does not happen without suffering and sacrifice? That there are times in life where you have to walk through the coals of hell to ascend into heaven?"

"Yes, I understand."

"In the same way, the people of Ukraine are the offering for that big shift on the consciousness of your planet. Big changes come with big sacrifices, But you have to remain positive. Believe, trust, and send them your love, prayers, and support.

"Who is this speaking?" I ask.

"I am who I am. I am He."

"So, you know about sacrifice and pain and love, why is sacrifice necessary for a big change to occur?"

"Imagine a big fire, burning and spreading in a forest. Strong wind is required to extend the fire, wild wind, the right fuel is necessary, the right conditions, and then something needs to be burned and transformed. Something must change. It must raise in frequency and vibration like the smoke rising up into the air. It does not happen without burning; something must transmute.

"Why the Ukrainians?"

"Because that is how it was written and decided."

"So, what can we regular people do to help?"

"Pray, cry, rising your hands to the heavens and ask. Because we are listening, the heavens are listening, you ask for help, and we will come and help."

"Anything else you what to tell us?"

"Love, don't forget about love."

"Thank you, Master, thank you."


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