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Running Energy

Back in 2013, after a 3-week tour through Russia, my husband and I decided to visit Helsinki, a city that we knew very little about. Compared to the Byzantine and Orthodox influenced Russia we had left behind, this city surprised us because it contained the highest concentrations of art nouveau, modern and minimalistic buildings in Northern Europe. Little did I know that one of those buildings was going to give me a lesson on something I'm very passionate about: the force of earth's energy.

After we had dropped off our luggage at the hotel, we decided to go for a guided tour around the city. Everywhere we looked there was a unique building, and, as a general rule, functionality over décor had been the main focus of the architectural design. We must have walked several miles by the time we arrived to the Temppeliaukio Lutheran Church, also known as the "Rock Church," which was perhaps the most visited site in the city of Helsinki. This "rock" church was carved inside a granite outcrop in the center of the city. A few proposals were rejected to design this very unique church over several decades. Finally, in 1961, a set of plans was approved and in 1969, the most controversial and unique building in the city of Helsinki became a reality. This venue is not only used for religious worship but it is also used as a concert hall because the almost unworked surfaces of the rock walls provide incredible acoustics.

Every time I visit a new sacred place in a new city, I like to feel the vibration and energy of the people and the location, since there is a reason why these places are considered sacred. As soon as I walked into this incredible building, I noticed something very unique: The strength of the Earth energy that was so magnetic and grounding that I felt almost "glued" to the ground.

rows of church pews in front of a stage built out of a mountainous rock side

teenage girl standing in front of a tree with her arms held out, palms face down

According to Meijenfeldt in his book "Below Ground level: Creating New Spaces for Contemporary Architecture," many sacred places are designed underground with the intention of being in touch with the origins of life, and with the protection of mother earth herself. Meijenfeldt talks about how the enclosed quality of these buildings, provide a great opportunity for introspection through meditation and reflection because it invites you to retreat inside yourself. My experience inside this sacred rock building cannot be more supporting of his statements. I felt first hand, the healing power and the peace that comes from being deep inside mother earth's womb.

a teenage girl sitting on a log with a diagram of her aura and various chakra points

The most extraordinary thing is that, you don't have to travel to Helsinki or India or any remote cave to be in contact with the earth's energy. It is readily available anywhere and it is one of the great tools you can use during your meditation practice. Just from the comfort of your favorite chair, you have the ability to draw this very grounding and purifying energy. Earth's energy is one of the tools I use during my meditation practice and something I invite you to experience.


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