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Clearing Out the Chakras: Improving Body-Spirit Communication

teenage girl crouched on a rock over a small stream of water

About 8 months ago, when I was crafting the Chapter on Chakras of "Sam and the Giant Tree," I hit the infamous "writer's block." Yes, you know what I'm talking about, that feeling of being stuck, having a lot to say without knowing how. Then, one morning during my meditation, I heard my Spirit Guides telling me to go for a hike. This may sound a little crazy to you, but to me it's actually quite normal. Since I was a child I've been fortunate to hear messages from up above. Good ones thank God! So I knew my Spirit Guides were trying to show me something. Luckily, I live just outside a forest, and within minutes I was deep in the woods. And just like it happened to Sam, the forest started talking to me. I recognized the magnificence of nature and how similar we are to it. As I was walking through the forest I came across a chatty creek with a very peculiar voice. We were in a drought and the pools in the creek were starting to dry up and stagnate. All of a sudden, I realized how similar this creek was to the flow in a person's body and I understood that nature had an important message for me: "no healthy body of water can stay fresh without proper circulation. No healthy human body can live a healthy life without a clear flow of spiritual communication." I rushed home and started writing. As soon as I picked up the kids from school, I asked my daughter to go with me for a photo shoot by the creek. I had found the perfect spot. After choosing the clothing and make up, we started creating the first illustration for the chapter on chakras.

teenage girl sitting cross legged in nature with a diagram of the seven chakras overlayed

Why are chakras so important? For us living in a western society, these concepts are somewhat new, so let me explain. Chakras are centers of communication between our body and spirit. When they are blocked we do not hear our own information. It's like having a lot of money in the bank, but our accounts are frozen. Not a good feeling, right? Without our information we cannot succeed, we cannot create, we cannot grow as a person. Instead of using our own information we cling onto whatever is offered to us out there, by friends, family, politicians, gurus, etc., because we are not good at listening to our own voice. We turn into beggars for answers to our most important decisions in life.

Every one of the chakras has important spiritual information unique to us, and us alone. So if your spiritual bank accounts are frozen, I think its essential to do something about it if you want to get out of your "creative block."

If you want to learn about how to clear up that channel of communication please refer to the chapter "Taru Teaches Sam About the Chakras" in the book "Sam and the Giant Tree."


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