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What the element of water teaches us about our emotions

I'm in Mexico now, surrounded by so much water, I'm letting spirit guide me to write this blog. Coincidentally, my documentary team and I are working on the part of the film where the Apus, the spirit of the mountains of Peru, want to teach us about the element of water.

Water has the incredible capacity to penetrate any space it gets to. Its fluidity allows it to get to any crevice, any empty space and any corner of everything. It’s influenced by the forces of nature.

Water is like love, it’s fluid, and powerful. Humans are primarily composed of water, so they are too affected by the forces of nature. When mother earth’s mood runs stormy, then water forms waves and surges. When our lives are stormy, then the water in our body, our emotions, also storms.

The element of water teaches us about fluidity, teaches us to go with the flow of life. Going against the flow is a fool’s errand. We can build dams and bridges and divert the path of rivers. But when we do that with our internal fluidity, when we try to control who we are and how we feel, we go against the current of nature. We get stormy inside and we bring tragedy into our lives, the bridges we build, and the dams we create around our hearts will eventually get in the way. And water, instead of flowing, will become stagnant and cause decay.

Water teaches us that things have to flow, as love does: without restriction, without dams, and without conditions.

Mother water sings to us a story that brings us valuable information about where it comes from: what’s up river. A song about what has happened, what is happening, and what is about to happen. It teaches us about continuity and constancy.

Ultimately, if you want to hear your internal song, you have to listen to the messages of the water inside your body. You have to listen to your emotions because they also reveal where water is becoming stagnant. Your emotions tell you what is blocking the way of your flow. And by removing the boulders in the path of your flow, you soon return to calmness.

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