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Ego vs. Soul: who is to win?

Today I want to reflect on the meaning of ego.

I think of ego as the big elephant in the room. The big monster you have to navigate around. Ego is like the fancy car you can only drive in special occasions, and only certain people are allowed to jump in. Ego requires high maintenance. It's like the crazy aunt you have to watch your words around because if you say the wrong thing she might bite your head off.

Ego is the personality you came with in this life, but I'd rather let my soul lead. Instead, I choose to look within myself to find the answers I need. It is hard though because my ego is a tough nut to crack.

Nobody but you knows your truth. The problem is when you let your ego dictate who you are and how you need to live your life instead of your soul. Surrender your ego to your soul's purpose and you'll learn what happiness is.

What is the ego? The voice in your head that makes you doubt your first instincts, that part of you that always second guesses and makes decisions out of fear. Your ego tries to keep you safe because it sees danger everywhere. The ego has lost its connection to the divine, the ego is its own personal God ⏤only its truth is real⏤that's why ego has to be always in control. However, ego is just as fragile as an Image reflected in a mirror. Don't let your ego lead your life out of false impressions but instead, let your soul shine through the blanket of your ego.

Ego does not listen to the voice of love but the voice of fear. It does not believe in miracles, only in things it can control.

When do you know your ego is making decisions in your life?

When you feel contracted instead of expanded.

When your life is ruled by fear instead of love

When you always imagine the worst-case scenario instead of happy outcomes

When you choose fear over love.

Living a purposeful life is just that simple. Choose love over fear, choose soul truth over ego's truth, choose the glass half full over half-empty. Flip the light on in the dark room of life. It's your right and your choice.


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